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The Award-Winning Tulsa Wedding Videography Services of Juliet Films

The Award-Winning Tulsa Wedding Videography Services of Juliet Films

At Juliet Films we specialize in helping people and companies to tell their stories in a compelling way through the medium of videography. At Juliet, our goal is to WOW you. We recognize that everyone has their own sense of style, and their own preferences so we will take the time needed to sit down with you to find the videography style that is just right for you.

Paige & Caleb Taylor Wedding

I would love to write a review for yall, if you could send me a link of where people write reviews I would love to let everyone know how impressed we were with your company.  Seriously, thanks again for giving us a video that we will have for the rest of our life and one that will always put a smile on my face!! I think im going to have this smile plastered to my face for the rest of the day!! Thanks again!” – Lauren and David Harner

View Lauren & David’s video below. They loved it. We hope that you do too.

A Company Overview:

When selecting your Tulsa wedding videography team we realize how important this decision can be and that is why we are proud to offer award-winning videos, cinematography and film services. In fact, since 2001 we have helped will over 1,500 bride and grooms to capture the magical memories of their wedding. We also have worked with and continue to work with Oklahoma’s leading celebrity events (Tulsa Sports Charities, etc…) and major clients such as Bama Companies, Maytag University, Farmers Insurance, etc…

At Juliet we specialize in helping people and companies to share their story in a meaningful and compelling way. In fact the video above is a great example of the work that we love to do. The video below features 7 Heisman award winning NFL superstars all coming together to raise money for children in need.

So what do we do?

1st – When it comes to the overall size of our company Juliet Films is the largest professional videography company in Tulsa Oklahoma. Why does that matter to you? On the day of your wedding you do not want a minor emergency to completely derail your big day. Most brides and grooms report having spent months and months planning their wedding and yet most of the videography services within Tulsa provide only wanted videographer and no backup plans. This means that on the day of your wedding is even one minor accident happens, your wedding runs the risk of being missed by the videographers you selected.

A Juliet we staff entire team of videographers. In fact we plan on life’s unfortunate circumstances happening which is why we have a redundant staffing system in place. Essentially we meet with each and every bride and groom to determine what style of videography they’re looking for, with their overall needs are, and what they’re looking for out of there in product. Then after we meet with each bride and groom we then assigned the videographer to you based upon your preferences. However we also assign a backup videographer for each client as well.


2nd – We let each and every bride customize the style of videography that they are looking for. Some couples want a music video looking production, whereas other couples tell us that they are looking for a romantic and sentimental video. Regardless of what you’re looking for we can and will make it happen.

3rd – Our two-week turnaround time is absolutely the fastest and the best in the industry. After your wedding you are not going to want to wait for 6 to 8 months to receive your wedding video in the mail. Because of the size of our company and because of the leading technology that we’ve invested in over the years we can actually produce a fully customized wedding video and have it back in your hands within two weeks after you say I do. This deserves a well, when compared to the industry standard average of 3 to 4 months.


4th – Our customer service is second to none within the industry. Having been in the industry’s 2001 we realize that the overwhelming majority of brides and grooms actually have jobs and work during the months leading up to their wedding. Thus most couples cannot meet during the day, which is why we are proud to offer appointment times up until 7 PM each weekday night. Brides and grooms can also call us 9-to-5 Monday through Friday and expect a knowledgeable professional to answer the phone who can assist them with their wedding video related needs. If you are looking for a wedding video that wows at a price that you can afford then you’ve come to the right place.


5th – because of the high volume of events that we provide services for we are actually able to charge significantly less than our competition. The way this works is very simple. Most of our competitors only provide services for one event per week, whereas we provide services for hundreds of clients per month read this means that we are not in a constant feast and famine scenario and that we do not have to charge you an inflated pricing structure to compensate for the fact that we are only doing one to two events per week. If you are tired of getting wedding video quotes that border on the obscene, give us a call today and see how Juliet have the capacity, the pricing, the customer service, quality, and the customization that you are looking for out of your Tulsa wedding video.